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Have you ever been to Horses 4 Heroes? This non-profit offers much more than just horseback riding in Las Vegas – they have community-centered equestrian activities that are both affordable and enriching. Learn more about why we admire the work Horses 4 Heroes does and how Silverstone Ranch residents can get involved in building more possibilities for their neighborhood.

Opportunities at Horses 4 Heroes

At Horses 4 Heroes, locals participate in several different types of outdoor activities in Las Vegas. The programs vary from 101 classes, learning to lead, and even interactive activities with other animals. Families, schools, and those looking to improve their overall health should explore the various programs available: 

lady in purple at horses 4 heroes petting area
Photograph from Horses 4 Heroes

Outside of general fun and skill building, the organization is passionate about mental health, supporting veterans, and building strong connections. Las Vegas residents can take advantage of programs for anti-bullying, victims of abuse, self-esteem, empowerment, and their Ride2Recover program. Additionally, Horse 4 Heroes has developed a program called Back in the Saddle geared toward Veterans who struggle to transition back into their day-to-day life. 

The Benefits of Equestrian Activities

Interacting with horses has numerous benefits. The advantages range from physical to emotional. Beyond increased physical activity while interacting with horses, the environment is low-risk and therapeutic – perfect for improving one’s health. 

Equestrian programs decrease blood pressure and increase self-esteem, patience, and trust. The studies have varied from school children, those with severe health needs, people suffering from psychological distress, and more. The benefits are present among the wide range of people and conditions; therefore, engaging with horses in environments like those at Horses 4 Heroes will help everyone.

How Horses 4 Heroes Supports our Community

The programs at Horse 4 Heroes are built on four core values: responsibility, independence, discipline, and empathy. Their dedication to these values is shown in their free workshops for struggling veterans, first responders, domestic abuse and violence victims, recovering addicts, foster children, and at-risk youths. 

For more information, email vegasprgroup@gmail.com or visit www.horses4heroes.org

By providing affordable recreational and instructional equestrian activities for local heroes and their families, they increase the wellness of our Las Vegas community. If you wish to get involved with Horses 4 Heroes, you can join as a FRIEND. Learn more here.

Mom, dad, and two sons

Build Possibilities In Your Neighborhood

Organizations like these strengthen our communities and provide for those in need. We encourage Las Vegas residents, especially those in the nearby Silverstone Ranch neighborhood, to get involved with Horses 4 Heroes by volunteering or taking advantage of the several programs available. 

Want to know how Silverstone Ranch residents can encourage more community-centered opportunities in your neighborhood? Getting involved is simple! Start by taking our survey. We want to hear from you about what possibilities you see for your neighborhood. Get more community involvement suggestions by following us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) or exploring FrenchmanRanch.com.