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Have you ever adventured to The Gilcrease Orchard in Las Vegas? Locals have wandered the orchard for many years, taking advantage of its delicious fruits, vegetables, and educational tours for kids. Forged by a long history and family’s passion, The Gilcrease Orchard is a unique place to be enjoyed by our community.

Built By Family

The Gilcrease Orchard is located just North of Las Vegas, recreating the rural life that was once Nevada. The story began in 1920 when the Gilcrease family bought the farm. Despite the market crash in 1929 and divorce in 1930, the strength of the matriarch, Elda persisted, growing the ranch back from the bottom with the help of her two sons.

wheelbarrow at gilcrease orchard las vegas
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Ted, son of Elda, felt passionate about protecting the legacy of Gilcrease. As he entered his old age, he and his brother Bill established the non-profit Gilcrease Orchard Foundation to preserve the farm for the future. This 60-acre patch is a lasting remnant of the family ranching era because of Ted and Bill’s foresight.

Enjoying The Gilcrease Orchard

For almost 50 years, Las Vegas has enjoyed many delicious pounds of’ Pick & Pay’ fruits and vegetables. Gather your family, friends, or school class for a field trip to explore the farm. The guided tour will lead you to a wagon ride, homemade apple cider, and an exploration of the orchard’s history, agriculture, and more. Even for small parties, the orchard welcomes guests to roam the farm during business hours. 

picking sunflowers at gilcrease orchard las vegas locals
(Photography: Review Journal)

Gilcrease is such a unique part of our community. For parents looking for things to do with your kids in Las Vegas, the orchard presents a chance to teach and educate your children. The orchard is physically interactive, allowing locals to pick their produce to take home and enjoy. Kids and parents reconnect with nature and can roam in open spaces while supporting a local Las Vegas orchard. 

Bringing Value To Our Communities

Celebrating local enrichment is essential. We encourage residents to take advantage of opportunities found in spots like The Gilcrease Orchard and be inspired by its rich experience.

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