Abandoned Golf Course Harms Community | Frenchman Ranch

When golf courses fall into disrepair due to permanent closure, our communities become the victims. Neglectful property owners abandon both the property and the community when they allow these once beautiful areas to fall apart. The closures attract dangerous wildlife, increase criminal activity, and invite risks into the surrounding communities. Locals deserve a voice in building a future safe from the dangers of golf course property neglect.  

Las Vegas is not new to golf course closures; we have seen the resulting issues before. Badlands Golf Course is one example; shifting from manicured lawns to hazardous terrain unsafe for joggers, pedestrians, and cyclists. This is a devastating story for surrounding locals.

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The Dangers of Closed Golf Course

Abandoned golf courses cause more than just eyesores. For Badlands, the consequences were far worse. The threat of roaming coyotes posed a danger to pets, and unwatched corners became a seedbed for drug activity. People were captured with weapons on the neglected premise. One alarming incident included a man drawing his guns and aiming them — often down the opening of a tunnel. 

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Unattended and unkempt, abandoned golf course properties lead to varying issues from cost and crime to dangerous terrain. Additionally, the dry brush becomes a fire hazard, and the dust lays the way for increased allergies for nearby residents. 

At Badlands, the lack of security and care invited homelessness into these residents’ backyards. Neighboring locals endured this catastrophe and suffered the results of neglect. The area attracted crime, dangerous wildlife, and stress. These kinds of threats are preventable, and residents deserve a higher quality of living and a voice in making changes. 

Making Change For The Community

Locals should not suffer due to the neglect of golf course owners. The hazards at Silverstone Ranch have already begun and many have spotted wild coyotes ready to prey on pets, and the disrepair affects jogging and running paths. Before the real harm begins, we want to hear from you. 

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As a resident of the Las Vegas area, you have the right to a safe community. Imagine amenities where you can shop, play, and relax close to home. We want to work with the community to find solutions. Make positive change for you and your community and help us reimagine the abandoned property. Participate by filling out our survey or learn more at FrenchmanRanch.com.