5 Amenities You Should Have In Your Community | Frenchman Ranch

Amenities are a huge value to neighborhoods. They provide something to enjoy for everyone in the community. It’s imperative to reserve space inside urban areas for the entertainment and fun of its residents. If you’re looking to improve the quality of life in your area, look no further. Find out what 5 amenity ideas you might want in your neighborhood.

1.  Parks

Parks are extremely popular with families. This amenity is the place to make great weekend plans and summer fun happen. Enjoying the fresh air and sunshine with a picnic is a perfect Las Vegas activity. Some parks offer slides, splash pads, swings, ball games, corn hole, and more.

2.  Outdoor and Indoor Pools

Another great way to beat the Las Vegas heat is with a pool amenity. Pools are ideal for Las Vegas weather and enrich the physical activity for everyone. Swimming is an accessible pastime for many and offers health benefits. Doctors have even prescribed the sport to those with arthritis or as an exercise for pregnant women. Many more benefits include social interaction, relaxation, and stress relief.

3. Sports on the Court

One of the best ways to get moving is through a multipurpose court. Whether you’re looking for an intense workout, or something more laid back like playing basketball or volleyball with friends, there are options for all ages and abilities. Some options include:

  • Pickle Ball Court
  • Tennis Court
  • Volleyball Court
  • Basketball Court

4.  Dog Parks

Every community should have a space for their four-legged family members. Dog parks offer a welcoming area to play, run, and socialize with neighbor pets. Communities without dog parks restrict dogs and owners to on-leash activities. Getting off the leash and into the dog park vastly improves your dog’s health and happiness.

5.  Playgrounds

Playgrounds make a great area for kids to have fun. Many are now designed with soft pads below the turf to increase safety for your children. Additionally, these spaces do more than deliver a place for play – they improve critical skills such as social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development. The equipment is designed to stimulate children’s growth and can be enjoyed by all.

How To Get These In Your Neighborhood

Each of these 5 amenities is inclusive and enriching. Above all, they are safe. Residents of all ages should have access to community facilities that improve their neighborhood. Silverstone Ranch residents in Las Vegas can take an active role in advocating for safe and beneficial amenities in their community. Help us realize the possibilities for Silverstone Ranch by filling out a survey and telling us what amenities you would like to see. Learn more by visiting us at FrenchmanRanch.com.