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You bought a home in a beautiful community. You didn't ask for the golf course closure. You deserve peace and stability.

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We can all agree…

Silverstone Ranch was a beautiful golf club community. Many still miss the golf course views and the lifestyle. But the promise was broken. 2015 saw the closure of the course for good and it will not be coming back.

Yet, you, the Silverstone homeowners, go on, enjoying the neighborhood, making friends, creating new memories, but making plans? That part is hard to do with the uncertainty that looms overhead. That is where Frenchman Ranch can help.

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Who we are: Listeners. We want to know what you, the homeowner, would like to see done with the golf course.

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We are not: Part of the HOA, part of the board, part of the lawsuits, part of the problem.

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Who is Stoneridge Parkway?

Who is Danny Modab?

Why is the board always changing?

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Let us show you what the future for your home can be. A future where you can continue to enjoy your investment and regain the peace of mind that you deserve.